Dar Oulhoum tells me a story

The mid-nineteenth century, under the reign of Sultan Hassan 1st (born Hassan ben Mohammed in 1836 in Fez and died on 7 June 1894 in Tadla), a vizier (high-ranking official, with an adviser or minister from Muslim leaders), chooses a prime location to build this beautiful Riad, near the mausoleum of Sidi Ben Slimane (one of the seven saints of Marrakech latter being the founder of Sufism in Morocco), a sign of power.

The proximity of the holy mausoleum, gave him a high respect.

In the late nineteenth century, before the French protectorate, this place was that of a Spanish bank and a British legation.

During the restoration of the Riad, existing telephone line upon arrival in 2000 of the weapons found at the bottom of the well and an enamelled plaque written in Arabic and Spanish testament to the power of the family that gave its name to the Derb.

Subsequently we will tell to the DAR Oulhoum

Dar Oulhoum, where are you, who are you?

Three hours from Paris, fifteen minutes from Jemaa el Fna.
Drop off your bags at Dar Oulhoum. An island of serenity in a red oasis.
You will be welcomed as we have been in our distant trips, special guests.

Marrakech enchants, all travelers can discover it with respect and love as we do.

For your stay, you can choose between a traditional room, twin or a suite with all the same comfort.
Dar Oulhoum is decorated with a beautiful flowered terrace.
Moroccan lounge that invites tranquility dominates the abundant vegetation.

Dar Oulhoum is 15 minutes from the Jemaa el Fna square.

1 suite and 3 bedrooms – 9 guests.

Breakfast included

Host table (not included): Breakfast, lunch, drinks.

Additional services.
Massage, airport transfers, breakfast, lunch,
Car park, adult (s) Extra (s) … Hammam neighborhood
Hair removal, natural facial care, manicure, pedicure.

Conditions of stay.
– Children are welcome.
No special arrangement for disabled people.
The owner / hotel provides Tabletop hosts and the cost of meals and drinks will be added to your final site.
– Conditions for minimum may apply depending on the period.
– Languages ​​spoken by staff: English – French
– Check in: 14:00 h Check out: 10:00 pm
The payment of a tax residence is expected.

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