The origin of the word spa comes from the Latin Sanitas per aquam” meaning health through water, or the Belgian town of Spa, spa dates back to Roman times.

Are associated with well-being and beauty, whirlpools, known as Jacuzzi,
contains permanently between the heated water 37 and 40 degrees. Swirls are caused by water and / or air injection, and generate relaxing and energizing massages.

The spa is synonymous with relaxation and wellbeing of mind and body, in an atmosphere of luxury and comfort.

Spa and Well-Being are the key words to a total development of body and mind.
Caring for care here and now, relax, let go just …
Will offer moments of joy, release your tensions and emotions soar!

Benefits of Spa
The spa will bring you many benefits: relaxation, emotional and physical balance.
The combined effects of heat, massage and zero gravity effects are the three ingredients you bring a feeling of relaxation and well-being:

The hot water raises the body temperature by dilating your blood vessels, improving blood circulation and helping to eliminate toxins from the body.

The pressure on your muscles and joints to loosen, stress vanishes.

The hot water allows you to decompress, to find serenity and good sleep.

The massage joints and muscles provided by the jets accelerates recovery after exercise.

The spa is a good place to relax solo, couple.

Hamman :

Hammam also called Roman or steam bath is the modern successor of the Roman baths. It offers a relaxing, relaxation, and allows a thorough cleaning of the skin, or the removal of toxins. It consists of a succession of steamed where a temperature of 40-55 degrees and a humidity close to 100% full reign.

For who?

For people who stand the heat and want to relax. Followed by a good scrub soap and a massage with essential oils, you multiply the benefits.

Sauna :

The sauna is a dry heat bath. It is very effective in the fight against aggressions of all kinds: stress, infections, heat, cold, … but is strongly recommended for people with heart problems.
This heat bath will make you sweat or loss of fat and removal of impurities.

Massages :

A need for absolute relaxation, pain remain? Relaxing massage, firming tonic, slimming argan oil and essential oils You choose
Couples or solo, massage is still always an effective way to relax and to preserve.

Beauty of face and body care :

Ghassoul (pronounced Rasul”) meaning “to wash” is a saponifère clay (which has a cleansing power) and the only currently known deposit in the world is located in Morocco, on the edge of the Middle Atlas 200 km south of the Fez.

The Rasul is a natural rock, 100% ecological, known for its soothing and cleansing properties, the exploitation of which dates back to the thirteenth century. Mixed with water or floral water of roses or jasmine for even more fun, ghassoul turns into an ultra gentle care to wash without damaging the face, body and hair. The Rasul has been used for centuries by Eastern women to clean, cleanse, tone and nourish smooth their skin and hair. It is known for its astringent qualities, absorbing and softening.

You will enjoy the benefits of ghassoul by face mask or by body wrap.

Argan oil has an ancient reputation. It is derived from a nut that contains multiple kernels which are then ground manually using a grinding wheel; This is a huge work to obtain in fine amount of oil in the virtues so beneficial.
Real “treasure” natural invaluable for Moroccan women, its use is recommended for internal use for flavoring dishes and external to hydrate
revitalize, firm, soften the skin and help prevent skin aging.
Also healing for skin with acne prone skin.

You can be the face and body with this prodigious oil massage as well, or other treatments available to you

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